I’m a multimedia journalist, copywriter and translator based in leafy Greenwich, London. This portfolio is updated sporadically, so for most recent articles feel free to get in touch here, on LinkedIn or on Twitter.

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Clinic Económica Centro de Investigación Cuantitativa

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Nova Aesthetic Clinic

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The Local Norway

Norwegian in London: ‘Brexit is dreadful for the Uk’s unity’


To Brexit or not to Brexit


Graydon blogger

The Telegraph

200 penguins for a party in central London? No problem pdficon_small

Golden Globes 2013: so what are the Golden Globes? pdficon_small

The Independent

Athletes’ fury at Team GB ‘farce’ sparks selection overhaul for 2016 Olympics pdficon_small

Stratton Craig

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Investor Publishing

Year in review 2015

Year in review part 2: Politics and the NHS

Year in review part 3: Sector opinions

The metamorphosis

Rise of the selfies

You’re hired

Sweet charity?


Biting point

A very public affair

The lady’s not for turning

Video gaga

Further bad news

Pastures new

Wind of change

A game of risk

Falling short

Leading the charge


A tottering policy

The apprenticeship challenge

Online schooling

City slickers

Grand designs

Skills to pay the bills

Back to black pdficon_small

Remodelled pdficon_small

Judgement day pdficon_small

Market forces pdficon_small

The age of Discovery pdficon_small

Access denied pdficon_small

Child’s play pdficon_small

How to sell your education business pdficon_small

Come fly with me pdficon_small

Homework time pdficon_small

Comeback king pdficon_small

Election swingers pdficon_small

The man with the plan pdficon_small

Squids in pdficon_small

Going solo pdficon_small

Party pieces pdficon_small

MENA streak pdficon_small

Mad Men pdficon_small

Conference call pdficon_small

Upping the ante pdficon_small

Phoenix from the ashes pdficon_small

Agents of change pdficon_small

Crisis for a flagship policy? pdficon_small

Tutors on tap pdficon_small

Reshuffle redux pdficon_small

Teaching the teacher pdficon_small

Overhauling the overhauls pdficon_small

In the cross-hairs pdficon_small

Caught in the Act pdficon_small

The personal touch pdficon_small

Patience is a virtue pdficon_small

Bad teacher pdficon_small

Care homes’ shame pdficon_small

Time for a commercial break pdficon_small

Foot on the accelerator pdficon_small


The problem of trendy sustainability pdficon_small

Will 2014 be Greece’s year? pdficon_small

Green hair care: the less is more formula pdficon_small

Reaping the benefits of planting a herb garden pdficon_small

The benefits of natural skincare pdficon_small

Global warming and our weather pdficon_small

Calls to save the honeybee pdficon_small

Hunting until there’s nothing left? pdficon_small

Selfbuilder & Homemaker

When life gives you lemons… pdficon_small

The Saint

The romance is over: St Andreans no longer attract top employers pdficon_small

Ask not what St Andrews can do for you… pdficon_small

St Andreans call on EU parliament to tighten up ‘conflict minerals’ policy pdficon_small

University accused of misinformation with salmon statement pdficon_small

Coalition for a conflict-free St Andrews relaunches pdficon_small

5% increase in RUK students pdficon_small

Notorious gangster who loved to play golf pdficon_small

Once in a lifetime chance for one lucky golfer pdficon_small

To boldly go where no camera has gone before pdficon_small

Coalition for a Conflict-Free St Andrews gets the go ahead pdficon_small

Women’s blushes can’t be spared pdficon_small

Full steam ahead for new St Andrews railway station? pdficon_small

Coalition brings the Congo back onto the radar pdficon_small

Centre for Syrian Studies receives increased funding at critical point in Syrian history pdficon_small

Kate Kennedy Procession rides again pdficon_small

University of St Andrews shop re-opens pdficon_small

60 Hour Film Blitz Festival creatively celebrates University of St Andrews’ 600th birthday pdficon_small

World-class economist discusses the affordability of Scottish independence pdficon_small

Arab Spring debated and analysed at SAFAS weekend conference pdficon_small

Menzies Campbell lectures on Arab Spring pdficon_small

University awarded €1.25 million in research funding pdficon_small

The Interpreter

Amsterdam: The Dutch capital pdficon_small

Desafiante a la testarudez pdficon_small

Western aid: why it’s so problematic pdficon_small

El asesinato pdficon_small

Being sidelined? pdficon_small

Los Intocables pdficon_small

Sightseeing Norway’s capital: a guide to Oslo pdficon_small

Bergen – la ciudad cultural de Noruega pdficon_small

The Hague – Things to do and places to see in the international city by the sea pdficon_small

La basura también se televisa pdficon_small